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Sloan-Kettering study: Acupuncture works for chronic pain

by Sara Putman, LAc, LMT - Acupuncturist | Charleston, SC

Charleston South Carolina Acupuncture Neck Image


  • New research from one of the city’s top hospitals has determined that the ancient practice of acupuncture is an effective treatment for chronic pain.
  • Investigators at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center undertook a huge statistical analysis of more than two dozen studies involving 17,922 patients with back, neck and shoulder pain, osteoarthritis or chronic headaches.
  • “But our findings suggest that the effects of acupuncture go over and above the placebo effect.”
  • The study found that proper acupuncture brought more relief than needles that were put in the wrong spot.
  • Dr. Ronnie Hertz, director of pain management at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital, said he recommends acupuncture to 20% of his chronic-pain patients.
  • A growing number of physicians recommend it and some 3 million Americans go under the needle every year.

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