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Univ. of Maryland Study: Acupuncture Reduces Cancer Pain

by Sara Putman, LAc, LMT - Acupuncturist | Charleston, SC

Research Acupuncture in Charleston, SC Image


  • New research finds that acupuncture is effective for relieving peripheral neuropathy pain due to bortezomib [pharmaceutical drug] intake in cancer patients.
  • “Acupuncture is a viable treatment option for MM [multiple myeloma] patients experiencing painful BIPN (bortezomib-induced peripheral neuropathy).”
  • Patients were given acupuncture at a rate of 1-2 times per week or once every two weeks dependent upon clinical pain reduction responses. 
  • All patients experienced pain reduction immediately following the first acupuncture visit. No adverse reactions were associated with the acupuncture treatments and patients experienced long lasting pain relief.

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