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Charleston Acupuncture for Osteoarthritic Knee Pain

by Sara Putman, LAc, LMT - Acupuncturist | Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC Knee Pain Acupuncture Image

Do you have Osteoarthritic Knee Pain and live in Charleston, SC? Did you know that Acupuncture has been shown to more effective then conventional intervention? Read the excerpts below:

  • New research reported by the Healthcare Medicine Institute supports earlier studies that show acupuncture is a more effective way to treat osteoarthritic knee pain than treating it with conventional biomedicine.
  • The Healthcare Medicine Institute said real interest in acupuncture to treat knee pain began following the publication of research by the National Institutes of Health. That research, from 2006, also involved a meta-analysis of 13 separate studies, "in which adults with chronic knee pain or osteoarthritis of the knee were randomized to receive either acupuncture treatment or a control consisting of sham (placebo) acupuncture, other sham treatments, no additional intervention (usual care), or an active intervention."
  • That analysis concluded: "Acupuncture that meets criteria for adequate treatment is significantly superior to sham acupuncture and to no additional intervention in improving pain and function in patients with chronic knee pain."

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