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About Sara

Sara Putman, LAC, LMTMy name is Sara Shirley, LAc, LMT, owner and operator of One Life Wellness Studio.  My goal is to assist with creating and maintaining wellness for my surrounding community by elevating current health conditions and working to prevent future disease. I provide a gentle and effective approach to holistic medicine by combining Chinese Medicine and acupuncture with theraupetic massage.  I believe in the importance of patient education with lifestyle and dietary recommendations.   I schedule plenty of time for hands on attention to prevent feeling rushed and to ensure that your experience in the studio will be completely relaxed and without interruptions.  I hope to make it possible for people of all ages and economic backgrounds to receive preventative medicine.  

I attended an integrative massage therapy and healing arts program at The Charleston School of Massage and have been licensed and board certified since 2005.  My experience practicing massage therapy led me to study Chinese medicine with the intention of helping and educating people to care for themselves on a grander scale than I could do with massage alone.   I was fortunate to study at The Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Boone, NC (2007-2011) and have been licensed and board certified in SC since 2011. I completed a master's program, which focuses on the individuality of patient health and treatment through the use of acupuncture and other alternative modalities.  This program is based on the interpretation of the ancient classics of acupuncture, the original methods and teachings of Chinese Medicine.  Jung Tao focuses on the deeper understanding and possibilities of acupuncture while tailoring every treatment to the current state of health for each individual patient. 

I grew up in a small town in western New York and moved to Charleston, SC in 2004.  I enjoy my life here and am proud to call it home.  I hope to continually learn and grow with my community while preserving time to travel and experience other cultures as well.

The Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
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